Clive James, Simon Barraclough, Isobel Dixon and Liane Strauss

It is very heartening to see that Clive James is still capable of spotting talent before everyone else. Here is a comment by Chris Hamilton-Emery of the independent literary publisher, Salt Publishing

The wonderful Clive James ( has a large-scale online project, which he and his collaborators have been working on since his since retirement from mainstream television a few years ago. More than a personal archive the site hosts a wide range of essays, cultural comment and many guest writers. Recent additions include three Salt authors:

Simon Barraclough

Sharing with other admirers of the late Michael Donaghy a winning propensity for using mythical America as a lexical paint-box, Simon Barraclough stands out even among the stand-outs in his readiness to make a knowing reference to the popular arts twice per line….
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Isobel Dixon

Born and raised in South Africa and living now in Cambridge, Isobel Dixon works in London as a literary agent, but her poetry is much more than a sideline, and some would rank it amongst the most lyrical written in her generation….
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Liane Strauss

One of the pleasures of building this section of the website is to have been plunged into the poetic world of the late Michael Donaghy, whose alumni are disproportionately represented on my guest list. If he gave them water to drink during seminars, there must have been something in it. Among the leaders of a pack that seems to consist almost entirely of leaders, Liane Strauss has got something going in her poetry that it took Donaghy himself adequately to describe….
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