Picture Post (selected images from the Web)

I’ve visited Brian Naughton’s Picture Post  blog for the first time this morning, and I have to say that the judicious selection and  presentation of images that are to be found on the web is pretty impressive.  

Brian, in his short, self-effacing introduction, writes: 

This blog has been created to share my love of photography as both a medium and an art form. I will endeavour to highlight some of the best images and image makers on the Web, and to occasionally accompany the posts with my own thoughts about life, the universe and anything else that seems relevant to the subject matter.

The idea came to me because photo-sharing sites such as Flickr are quantitive as opposed to qualitative. Images of blurry sunsets and family pets abound. The diamonds in the rough can be tricky to find. So, I thought I’d make it easier for people who want a daily image fix – but don’t want to try too hard.

My first impression is that he has done (with considerable brio) exactly what he sets out to do. 


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