The Clive James-Pete Atkin Songbook Volume 1

Pete Atkin has been working on a series of new recordings of Pete Atkin/Clive James songs for his forthcoming album, Midnight Voices -the Clive James-Pete Atkin Songbook Volume One*, which is to be released later this year.

Thanks to Pete and Steve Birkill (see Pete Atkin in blogroll on the right), a preview of one of those recordings, Laughing Boy, is now available as a taster of what is to come. 

On the 26th of June 2007, as part of a posting to Midnight Voices – The Pete Atkin Web Forum, Pete wrote: 

I’m going to call the CD “Midnight Voices – the Clive James-Pete Atkin Songbook Volume One.”  The songs** included will be (not necessarily in this order) –
Touch Has A Memory
Senior Citizens
Thief in the Night
Be Careful When They Offer You the Moon
Thirty Year Man
Sessionman’s Blues
The Flowers and the Wine
Payday Evening
Between Us There Is Nothing
The Hypertension Kid
Perfect Moments
The Faded Mansion on the Hill
Master of the Revels
Laughing Boy
Beware of the Beautiful Stranger


*Simon Wallace (piano), Mark Hodgson (bass),  Roy Dodds (drums and percussion) & Pete Atkin (voice and guitar). Electric guitar contributions from Mike Outram , with additional guest appearances by Sarah Moule  (vocal), Clive Bell (shakuhachi), and Alan Barnes (clarinet and tenor & baritone saxes) 

**Details of all these songs can be found on under the The Pete Atkin Discography link on Smash Flops – the Pete Atkin website. 


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