New beginnings.

My daughter, Helen, has just got the keys to the house she is to move into after she gets married in October. She and her husband-to-be, with the help of her relations and  future in-laws,  are in the process of making  changes  here and there – getting rid of an outside toilet, incorporating the space it gives them into the kitchen, putting in  a window where the toilet door was etc – and as I watched all this activity , into my mind popped the lines of the poem To a Married Sister* by the Irish poet Ciarán Carson  which, to some extent clarifies my thoughts at the time.  

The final stanza runs like this:

     Your husband has talked of mending
     Broken doors, the cheap furniture
     That bore the accidents of others’ lives
     That was there before you. A gold resin
     Leaked from the slackened joints.
     His new saw glittered like your wedding-silver.


*to be found in Ciarán Carson’s  currently out-of-print collection The New Estate (first published by Blackstaff Press in 1976 and by Gallery Press in 1988)


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