Jack Nicholson turned 70.

I forgot to note it at the time, but The Observer’s film critic Philip French paid tribute to Jack Nicholson, whom he called “the greatest American movie actor since Cagney, Bogart and Stewart” on the occasion of his having turned 70. 

There is no doubt about it he has greatness stamped all over him. There are at least five Nicholson performances that I find endlessly fascinating. Two of my own personal are the one he gives in as Robert Eroica “BobbyDupea in Bob Rafelson’s Five Easy Pieces,  as near-perfect performance as it is possible to give and the one he gives in  The King of Marvin Gardens, which is to me is one of those wonderfully selfless performance that we have now forgotten he can give give.

A great actor who may very well have something more to give.


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