Time to get reading.

The Washington Post  yesterday published an interview Clive James (see blogroll)  gave to Mark Egan of Reuters. In it there is suggestion – I don’t know how seriously it is to be taken – that there may be another volume of Cultural Amnesia

From The Washington Post
……..James is nothing if not a hard worker. Having just published “Cultural Amnesia” in March, he is already gathering his thoughts for a second volume and who might appear in it.
— President Bush: “He is living proof it is too early for the United States to have a president where English is his second language. He is no communicator.”
— Russian President Vladimir Putin: “He is right out of central casting from a mid-period James Bond movie.”
— Britney Spears: “Celebrity culture is essentially a language we all speak and we all know its parameters. Britney Spears is, unfortunately for her, our parameter for a career gone awry and for perfect stupidity.”
— Paris Hilton: “I would bring her into an essay on the perfectly trivial and whether it can be marketable.”
— David Beckham: “He is one of the world’s most beautiful human beings. He has a face that belongs on the wall of a Greek temple but unfortunately he has to speak, which always tends to disappoint.”…………….

And to think that I’ve only read the Slate extracts from the first volume. I’d better get moving, hadn’t I? 


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