Clive James keeps BBC Radio 4 programmes.

I am, with others, the recipient of an occasional newsletter from Pete Atkin  Clive James’s song-writing partner. In today’s letter he had this to say: 

(5) CLIVE’S A POINT OF VIEW    I hope you’re all catching Clive’s 10-minute weekly column on BBC Radio 4.  It’s everything you’d expect and hope for from him.  It’s broadcast at 8:50pm on Fridays after ‘Any Questions’, repeated at 8:45am on Sunday mornings before ‘Broadcasting House’, and then via the BBC’s online Listen Again facility for a week.  But, more important and more useful, Clive has (uniquely, as far as I can tell) been given permission to make them all available permanently in the Audio section of www.clivejames.comGo for it.

Pete is well placed to know whether or not the BBC given this kind of permission before. He was for a time Head of Network Radio with BBC Bristol.  

This is Clive’s introduction to the A Point of View audio section: 

At the kind invitation of Mark Damazer, controller of BBC Radio 4, in January 2007 I began preparing a set of broadcasts for the series “A Point of View”: each one running at just under ten minutes, or just over 1,500 words. The implications of an alliance between a website and an institution like the BBC are quite large, but all we need note at this point is that at least one contributor to a broadcast medium has now moved into a new world of here today and here tomorrow.
London, Feb. 2007

 Attitudes certainly are changing for the better at the Beeb. As Clive says, the days of “here today and here tomorrow” for programmes are beginning to dawn, and it’s about time. 

Just click on A Point of View if you want to listen to any of the programmes broadcast so far


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