The fiction writer and the fiction reader 2

According to the Review section of today’s edition of The Guardian, Zadie Smith’s excellent essay in last Saturday’s Guardian which got my attention, the attention of Elizabeth Baines, who in her The Tart of Fiction blog has given over a whole section to Zadie Smith, and many others whose blogs I dip into on a semi-regular basis, has the distinction of being the most linked-to article of the week.  

What this means is that there are a lot of people out there who are willing to talk seriously about fiction-writing and fiction-reading, provided the person instigating the talk – in this case Ms. Smith – is not talking over their heads.

The second part of Smith’s, Read better, is published today and is just as engaging as the first. It probably won’t be as popular a stopping off point as the first was, not because it is any less interesting or noteworthy than the first, but because in it is Smith is actually doing the donkey-work of demonstrating just how readers and writers can become better in the way she proposed in the first.  


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