Is Bush’s thinking delusional?

Jonathan Freedland,’s contribution to the Comment & Debate section of yesterday’s edition of The Guardian raises some interesting question about George Bush’s behaviour in recent times. 

Say what you like about George Bush, but no one can accuse him of following the crowd. When everyone from the American electorate to the US military brass, along with a rare consensus of world opinion, cries out with one voice to say “enough” of the war in Iraq, Bush heads in the opposite direction – and decides to escalate. When his army chiefs complain of desperate overstretch in the war on terror, he takes that as his cue to open up another front. And that’s just this week. 

Freedland suggest that what Bush is proposing as a new strategy for Iraq is the equivalent of throwing more gasoline on a fire. 

Psychologists spot similar behaviour in compulsive gamblers who, when in trouble, increase their bets, hoping for a win that will allow them to leave the table with dignity. They have a word for such thinking: delusional. 

Are we not all very excited by the prospect this man is the leader of the free world for another couple of years?


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