The Times They are A-Changing

According to a Julian Borger report published in today’s edition of The Guardian President Bush’s nominee for US Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, has already taken a very different line on Iraq than the previous incumbent Donald Rumsfeld. 

The man picked by President Bush to run the Pentagon admitted yesterday that the US was not winning the war in Iraq and warned that an attack on Iran could backfire with devastating consequences. ,,,,,,,,

Robert Gates’s sombre and candid assessment stunned Congress, marking a sharp break with his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, who played down the severity of any problems, was dismissive of criticism, and took a much harder line against
Iraq’s neighbours.

The change in tone came at a critical moment, with the US at a crossroads following the Democratic election victory, the resignations of two leading administration hawks, Donald Rumsfeld and John Bolton, and at a time when Washington is in the midst of a fundamental rethink of military strategy.

,There is more, but you get the picture. The hawk has left the building.


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