Leave it to the professionals.

It is heartening  to see Duncan O’Leary, a researcher at the thinktank Demos, reporting in today’s The Guardian that a London borough of Bexley project which is run by a coalition of professionals rather than managed top-down by the government a government agency is proving to be a successful.

Bexley’s Multi Agency Integrated Services Initiative (Maisi) aims to coordinate the work of children’s services in the local area, creating the kind of “joined-up” services that policy makers dream of. But rather than taking its lead from Whitehall, Maisi is led by a coalition of professionals from local agencies. The project – the brainchild of Bexley’s chief executive, Nick Johnson – was established after a workshop held by the council in 2004. Powered by the enthusiasm of the professionals involved, it has been driving change ever since.

This is the way prove that all those would be managerial types from Whitehall with their targets, measures and bean-counting ways are nothing but so much hot air.


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