Tony Blair’s “let history be my judge” theme.

It’s not often I find myself feeling just little bit of pity for our esteemed prime minister, but I have to say his attempts to address the TUC conference today did awaken in me just a tinge of pity.

From what I saw – mostly on terrestrial television news – he mad a very valiant attempt to put his case, but the sight of trusty grown men of the Labour giving him the cold shoulder, as though he had achieved nothing in his time in office, made one cringe a little.

It may be true that New Labour has to great extent dumped many of the values near and deal to the Labour movement, but what these people who were walking out of the conference today should ask themselves is whether there would have been Labour government of kind if Blair and his kind had not made some concessions along the way. They should also ask themselves whether they would have preferred it that way. 

My suspicion is that there at that conference today who would actually prefer to see Labour in opposition rather than in government; it is so much easier for them to operate full throttle when they feel  permanently excluded from the corridors of power.


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