Gordon’s little dilemma

Gordon Brown seems to have survived the weekend without being mauled by the people who now take exception to his thinking that he will automatically inherit Blair’s job when he steps down as Prime Minister. He’s probably done a reasonably good job of distancing himself from the group of foolish supporters who took it upon themselves to think that he would be grateful if the ousted Tony Blair on his behalf.

The man appears to have accepted that he may have to get into the ring with other contenders and fight for the position. That, as they say, is the “real world”, and, again as they say, “you’d better get used to it, Gordon”

Personally, I’m not quite certain that I want to see the dour Scot get the top job, but then I have to ask myself whether I like any of the contenders who are likely to beat Brown any better – and the answer, at this stage, is no.


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