999,000 Wikis; that is a lot of Wikis!!!!

ROBERT LEVINE, writing in today’s New York Times, gives us a good rundown of the number of for-profit sites based on the Wiki model that have begun to spring up in recent times.  

Although Wikipedia is operated by a nonprofit foundation, ideas for advertising-based wiki sites are beginning to take their place alongside blogs and social networking sites as a staple of
Silicon Valley business plans.

In addition to Wikia, a site devoted to topics judged too esoteric for the online encyclopedia, there is ShopWiki, for product reviews, and Wikitravel, for tourism advice. Several start-ups allow users to operate their own wiki sites.

“Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and this is about the other 999,000 books in the library,” said Ben Elowitz, chief executive of Wetpaint, a start-your-own wiki site.

I wonder?


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